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Texaco - 1929 Waco Straightwing Barnstormer, Regular Edition - #3 (2020)

Texaco - 1929 Waco Straightwing Barnstormer, Regular Edition - #3 (2020) in the Fuel For Victory Series (1:30)

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Wingspan: 12"

Prepainted Diecast Metal Model

Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

Texaco - 1929 Waco Straightwing Barnstormer, Special Brushed Metal Edition - #3 (2020) in the Fuel For Victory Series (1:30)

WWI was over, victory was ours and "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paris" was the popular song of the day. The soldiers and airmen who made victory possible were coming home. Home to small towns across America. Quiet, sleepy little towns. Looking for excitement, some just couldn’t stay grounded…

They'd set out one or two at a time, flying surplus airplanes low over the Midwestern countryside, looking for a farm they could turn into a temporary airstrip on the edge of a small town… They were the Barnstormers!

After cutting a quick deal with the farmer for the use of his fields and a local fuel supplier, as a sponsor, they were in the air, engines popping and throttles open. They'd buzz downtown, turn a loop or two in the air with a young woman "walking" on the top wing, waving to the amazed townsfolk below. Then it was, hop back to their newfound airfield to greet the expected crowd.

And the crowds came. They’d follow the looping biplane out into the farmlands to find someone selling tickets for a ride in an airplane. That was the way the barnstormers came to town.

• 3rd in the Series (Fuel For Victory) (2020 Release)
• Certificate of Authenticity
• 1:30 Scale - 12” Wingspan
• Heavyweight Die-Cast Metal
• Resin Wing-Walker Figure
• Locking Coin Bank
• Rotating Propeller

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